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Levingston Platter


Park Designs

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Levingston Platter

The Levingston serving platter from Park Designs was adapted from a delightful, rare blue and white delftware dish for small sweets. The original was made in London about 1669, as inscribed.

The layout of the pieces in the Levingston collection channel the best of 17th-century British design and innovation. Painted and raised elements on delft, stoneware and redware antiques and excavated shards at Colonial Williamsburg provided the decorative motifs for this durable and beautiful stoneware. Decorative details include a stamped seal from a cup when Jamestown and Plymouth were fledgling New World colonies, a leaf motif from a commemorative plate, and a border from a delft plate excavated from Wetherburn's Tavern. Coordinate with all of our Levingston Ceramics and our brand new Berry Crock Kitchen Decorating Theme!

Dimensions: 2.5"H x 12"Dia

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Country Decor Vintage Divider
Country Decor Vintage Divider
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